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Library Policy and Procedures

Students should also bring their books with them to library class as they can exchange or renew books at that time. All students come to the library during one of their Related Arts Blocks (Specials). During this visit, students exchange books and learn library, research and media skills.
First graders only borrow one book at a time during the beginning of the year.  Once the library routine is established, first graders are permitted to check out two books at a time. Second through fifth graders are able to check out three books at a time as long as all of their books are returned.  Max check out is 3.
Students are responsible for the materials they borrow. All students have been told to find a "safe place" at their house to keep these items, preferably in their book bag.  By always putting their school materials in one place they will not get lost. Materials that are lost, or damaged beyond use, will have to be paid for. If an item is damaged students should bring it to the library for evaluation, if we can repair it we will. The library staff, volunteers, students, and families work together to keep our materials in good shape.
Always put your books in your "safe place" when at home.
Keep books away from moisture and heat sources.
Keep books away from pets.
Keep books away from small children.
Don't eat/drink over your book.
Use a bookmark to save your place.
If something happens to damage your book, bring it to the library staff for repair.
When borrowing materials with multiple parts, return all parts (book/cassette/bag, etc)
The Ross Library has an ever-growing book collection of over 35,000 items. Our student collection includes magazines, sets of books with cassette/cd (read-alongs) and bilingual text. Staff members have videos, dvds, book/cassettes, magazines, and other teacher resources available for use in the classroom.
There are 30 networked student Chrome Books available for use. These computers have access to our computer catalog (OPAC), Google Classroom,  Schoology, the UDLib Databases for Elementary Schools, Open Office, and the Internet.
Students must follow school rules when using the library and its resources!
Book selection is based on the curricular needs and interests of our students and staff. Book reviews and recommendations are considered when making purchasing decisions.
Often students or parents are looking for a specific book. If the book is not one presently owned by the Ross library, requests can be made for possible future purchase by telling Mrs. Mahan. Also, at times we may borrow books from one of the other school libraries.