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About Us

Approximately 675 students in grades one through five attend Lulu Ross Elementary School.  There are 44 teachers, including teachers for special education, EL support, physical education, library/media, and multiple intelligence's. In addition, support services are provided by our nurse, two guidance counselors, school behavior specialist, speech therapist,  occupational therapists, physical therapists, part-time home/school interventionist, several teacher assistants, two secretaries, as well as nutrition and custodial staff.  In addition to the traditional classroom instruction, Lulu Ross hosts two-way Spanish Immersion classrooms. The Ross staff is committed to high standards; we are an inclusive school and believe that all children can learn provided the appropriate opportunities and supports. Our School Motto is "Children First" and our mascot is the Ross Cat.

Lulu M. Ross Elementary School is committed to helping all students reach their maximum potential. We provide a comprehensive instructional program for all children.

Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  We utilize the "Bookworms" reading program to facilitate our core ELA instruction.  This includes a balanced approach to reading that focuses on reading comprehension as well as word study. In addition, STAR tests are used to monitor student progress in reading.  Currently, EnVisions is the Math Program we are utilizing to for math instruction.  Teachers also supplement with LearnZillion and Khan Academy lessons to further involve students with more complex learning activities. Our writing program focuses on the writing process and is tied to our ELA instruction. As we move to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards into our curriculum we continue to utilize the Smithsonian and Foss Science kits to give our students hands-on learning experiences in the area of science. Our Social Studies Curriculum is aligned to the Delaware Recommended Curriculum.  Our exemplary educational programs are designed to promote greater collaboration, cooperation, and student achievement.

The mission of Milford School District is to provide all learners a comprehensive, individualized education in a safe, supportive, rigorous environment where learners are prepared to grow and thrive in a global society.

Milford school district students will be prepared with the attributes, knowledge, and skills to fulfill their life pursuits.

To accomplish this we will focus on four main components:

Supporting the Whole Student– Supporting each student's social, emotional, and behavioral well being

Academic Excellence– Equitable access to academic excellence and high-quality instruction

Empowering and Investing in Our People – Recognizing that the people who work in Milford are the driving force behind its success

Building Our Future – Evaluation, planning, and future development of district facilities and systems of engagement